Cost of Inground Pools Across the U.S.

Adding a swimming pool to your home is a great way to improve your outdoor living space and increase your home value. It is a great place to cool off during hot days and entertain your family and friends. Swimming pools come in various types, sizes, shapes, and materials. All these factors influence the initial cost of your swimming pool. In this article, we discuss the prices of in-ground swimming pools across the United States based on the type of material used for building the pool and other features added to the pool. 

What is An In-ground Swimming Pool

Swimming pools usually come either as above ground or in-ground pool. An in-ground pool is a pool below ground level, which generally means the soil has to be excavated for the pool to be built. Of all pool types, the in-ground swimming pool is the most common and comes in different styles, such as indoor pool, infinity pools, lap pools, plunge pool, etc. Many factors determine the cost of an in-ground pool. They include:


The location of the pool plays a major role in determining the cost. This is because there is a disparity in the price of materials across different areas. The installation cost is also not the same. The average cost of a swimming pool is, however, put at$44,575. One reason for the influence of location on price is that labor costs differ across locations.

Material Used

The materials used are the major cause of disparity in the cost of pools. There are three materials available for building swimming pools. They are vinyl, concrete, and fiberglass. All these materials can be used to create a fantastic swimming pool with different variations in size, shape, and depth. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Usually, the one with the most disadvantage is also the cheapest in terms of cost. Below is a breakdown of their costs:

Vinyl Pool: An in-ground vinyl pool is the cheapest of the three and costs an average of $37,000 to build. It is very easy to build and can be installed within a short period. However, for you to enjoy the pool and ensure its durability, it must be regularly maintained. For instance, the liner must be replaced once in about every seven years. When this pool’s durability is considered alongside the high maintenance costs, one will discover the pool does not offer as much return on investment, if any, at all.

Fiberglass pool: This pool would have been the perfect pool if not for one thing – it’s limited in size and shape. The in-ground fiberglass pool costs $50,000 on average. It is a durable pool that lasts for an average of 25 years. It requires little to no maintenance and is very comfortable for both children and adults.

Concrete pool: This is the most durable pool of the three and also the most expensive. It costs an average of $60,000 to build one concrete pool. This cost is worth it when one considers the flexibility that the material offers. The pool can come in any shape, size, depth, appearance, etc. It takes an average of 12 weeks to construct a concrete pool, and the pool requires some level of maintenance for you to enjoy it fully.


Apart from location and materials, other factors can influence the cost of an in-ground swimming pool. This includes the size of the pool and all its additional features. For any more information specifically on concrete pools visit

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